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Representative Matt Rosendale (R-MT) will introduce a bill that would remove Joe Biden’s complete power to choose where to resettle refugees across the country.

Joe Biden has created a need for hundreds of thousands of refugees following his complete debacle of the Afghanistan situation.  The bill, known as the SECURE Act, would allow states to decide if they are willing and able to take refugees into their communities.  Currently, there is no law that would stop Joe Biden from relocating these individuals wherever his administration pleases.  


Additionally, this bill would force the federal government to give governors a 30-day notice before resettlement so the veto can occur.  This policy mirrors a Trump-era executive order that was rescinded by Joe Biden within the first week of his presidency.  


The bill would also require a much more in depth vetting process of refugees.  This would require each refugee to be signed off by Homeland Security, the FBI and the director of National Intelligence.  This requirement would allow these agencies to reduce the amount of threats to national security.  


The SECURE act is an America-first policy and is sure to draw heavy criticism from Democrats in congress.  The left places the rights of non-Americans like refugees before the safety and security of American communities. 


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