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Finally, an Administration willing to put the military front and center! Yesterday President Trump signed a massive defense bill that is set to increase military spending by $716 billion.

It’s very fitting that the President and Vice President joined together to announce the expansion at Fort Drum, NY in front of the Army’s 10thMountain Division. This group has been the Most Deployed Unit in the Army for nearly three decades. But even after leading deployments for the U.S. Army– they haven’t seen a pay raise in over 9 years.

This bill will give U.S. servicemembers a 2.5% pay raise, in addition to authorizing funds for restoring military readiness, building a modern force, military construction, developing emerging technology, and other long-awaited, “wish list” items.

Not only is the pay raise a welcome bonus among military members and their families – but also a boost in morale. Knowing the Administration is attentive to military needs shows the priority the Administration has placed on military service. Promises made & Promises kept!

This authorization will ensure the previously-neglected military has the funding they need under the Trump Administration. “We will replace aging tents, aging planes and ships, with the most advanced and lethal technology ever developed,” the President told troops during the announcement.

Further, the President highlighted that all military equipment is made right here in the USA. “It’s the best equipment on Earth – no one makes it like we do.”

Check out the Fox News show clip below to learn more about the National Defense Authorization Act and what it will cover.