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President Joe Biden wearing a face mask;

Vaccinated Biden still wears a mask outside, saying that it’s our “patriotic responsibility” to wear masks, despite CDC recommendations.

President Biden, who is fully vaccinated but still wears a mask outdoors, claimed that it is the “patriotic responsibility” of Americans to wear a mask.

Biden’s comments were made late last week, despite recently loosened CDC guidance on COVID-19 protocol. The CDC recommended that vaccinated people can remove their masks outdoors unless they’re in a crowd.

The guidelines state that people who have been fully vaccinated can: “gather or conduct activities outdoors without wearing a mask except in certain crowded settings and venues.”

Yet, the president still claimed that “[Mask-wearing is] a small precaution to take that has a profound impact. It’s a patriotic responsibility for God’s sake. It’s making sure that your wife, your children — if in fact they haven’t been vaccinated — making sure that they’re not going to get sick.”

In response to the president, Ben Shapiro pointed out that “Masking has become ‘patriotic’ because it stopped being a method of disease transmission prevention and started becoming, to the Left, a sign of personal virtue.”

Since the pandemic began in the U.S., Democrats like Biden have used – and are continuing to use – COVID guidelines as an excuse to virtue-signal and get Americans to buy into their liberal agenda. Anyone who exercises their First Amendment rights to challenge the norm is automatically vilified.

Americans should be allowed to make their own, intelligent decisions, regardless of what Biden thinks is “patriotic responsibility.”

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