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On Tuesday, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey signed the Human Life Protection Act into law, banning abortion in most cases. The bill served as a huge win for the pro-life cause and fighters of the unborn.


But not everyone was happy, especially Democrats. Liberals on twitter had a meltdown. Crazy Bernie Sanders commented in his tweet, that “Abortion is a constitutional right.” That’s funny, because only until 1973 was abortion decriminalized nationwide. Bernie Sanders will never say that the second amendment is a constitutional right, but is quick to claim abortion is one.


Twitter “activist” George Johnson described the lawmakers who helped pass the bill in his tweet, saying “White men are domestic terrorists.” The hypocrisy of the left in shaming and belittling white men is astounding, considering their two frontrunners in the Democratic Primary, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, are both old white men.


On Thursday, the hashtag, “AbortionIsAWomansRight” was trending on twitter. The hashtag ignored the fact that life is listed first in the Declaration of Independence, before liberty or the pursuit of happiness. Life cannot exist without those two. Murdering babies is not a right of anyone.


Crooked Hillary Clinton took to twitter Thursday thanking Planned Parenthood for all the work they’ve done to help kill babies. Democratic politicians as well as activists are distraught over the fact that all lives matter, even those who have a heartbeat in the womb.


The success of the pro-life movement across the country in recent months prove the pro-baby killing agenda of the left is losing legislative support. Americans United for Values stands for the unborn, and the right to life. If you agree, sign up today!


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