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President Joe Biden called the United States and Mexico “equal” in North American stature and promises to work closely with Mexican government without addressing the border crisis.  

“In the Obama-Biden administration, we made a commitment that we would look at Mexico as an equal, not as somebody who is south of our border, we are equal,” Biden said.  Joe Biden promised to use American resources to help bolster, Mexican prosperity.  The Biden administration has laid out plans to allow increased migration, but refused to address the border situation.  


Additionally, Joe Biden did not address issues related to trade or drug and human trafficking that has plagued the border region for generations.  The eagerness of the Biden administration to increase Mexican prosperity leads many to question his loyalties to American citizens.  He is eager to allow more migration and will likely create weak trade deals with Mexico.  


Former President Donald Trump entered a trade deal with border countries that was friendly to American exports and helped the import economy.  It is apparent that the Biden administration will tear down these trade deals and reduce the economic growth of the country.  


Joe Biden cares more about foreign nationals than he does American citizens.  He will fight against American prosperity in order to lift up other countries. 

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