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Portland prosecutors had pending charges on 213 individuals for riot related charges, and 194 of these cases have been dismissed by the city.  

Antifa led and other anti-police related rioting in the city of Portland led to many criminal charges against the rioters.  The prosecution showed they will give in to the far-left causes and allow most of these individuals to go free.  Of those cases that were dismissed, one individual was charged with attempted murder, assault, and arson.  


The city of Portland is refusing to take control of its problem and is showing that there are no consequences for organized riots in the area.  Rioters have attacked police, destroyed property, and committed heinous crimes against civilians.  Many of these crimes will go unanswered because the Portland prosecution is willing to let criminals walk.  


The majority of cases were dismissed because of a new policy in Multnomah county.  This policy instantly dismissed all charges related to “protesting”.  SOme of the charges that were dismissed were interfering with a police officer, criminal trespassing, and rioting.  The far-left leadership in Portland will continue to allow groups like Antifa to terrorize their metropolitan area without consequences.  


Anti-police rioting has sparked across the entire country in many major cities.  The groups that push violence and the destruction of property must be held accountable, but Portland is willing to let terrorism continue.  It’s time to stop Antifa and bring justice to the many Americans that have been severely impacted by riots. 

Sign up for Americans United for Values if you agree!

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