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Among 2020 election voters, Trump now leads current President Joe Biden in every major US region except for the Northeast.

Donald Trump has continued to draw great interest in for the 2024 election as current President Joe Biden has had a historic run of bad decisions in the first year of his term.  Trump now holds all of the Major regions for likely voters outside of the American Northeast, which is extremely liberal in all elections.  


The numbers suggest that the American public as a whole is extremely displeased with the job that joe Biden has done in his first year as president.  He has not handled any aspect of leadership well, as the economy, foreign relations, and domestic issues have all been seen as major failures for the president.  


Donald Trump is regaining support from key groups and now favors Biden in independent voters, suburban voters, and married women.  Biden won all of these categories during the 2020 election.  Biden’s approval rating also hit a new all time low of only 43.4% among all demographics.  


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