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Xi Jinping standing and speaking at podium; China threat

While Democrats have wanted to point a finger at Russia, a new poll reveals that Americans are most concerned with the threat of China.

A new Gallup poll revealed that a record number of Americans now see China as the greatest threat to the United States.

When asked what country they consider to be the nation’s greatest enemy today, 45% of respondents said China. Just last year, only 22% of respondents said the same. Respondents were also most likely to say that Russia was the greatest enemy (23%) in last year’s poll.

Previous polls indicate that America’s perception of China as the greatest enemy has been rising steadily since 2018. That year, most respondents believed that North Korea was the greatest threat.

The Daily Caller reported that half of Americans now view China as the world’s leading economic power, and the percentage of Americans who believe the U.S. is the world’s greatest economic power dropped between 2020 and 2021.

63% of people also said that China’s economic power is a critical threat, and that number has risen across all party lines, according to Gallup.

While Democrats have wanted to shift the nation’s concern to Russia rather than China, the latter has become an oppressive communist world power. The United States’ ties with China are making us dependent upon them and susceptible to threats.

We must continue to condemn China for their wrongdoing and strengthen our national security against them.

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