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A protest/riot in Ferguson; Summer riots

The majority of Americans in a Harvard/Harris poll said that the summer riots were more of a concern than the Capitol riot last month.

A recent poll discovered that Americans are more concerned about the summer riots of 2020 than they are about the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

The Harvard/Harris poll received around 1,780 respondents. 55% said that they were more concerned with the “violence in American cities,” and 45% said that they were more concerned with the “incident at the U.S. Capitol on January 6.”

Respondents were also more confident that the Capitol rioters would be prosecuted (65%), as compared to the rioters over the summer (48%).

The poll also revealed that Americans were more likely to say that Antifa is a terrorist organization than the Proud Boys, who have been declared a terrorist organization in Canada. Antifa was part of many of the violent riots over the summer, and former President Trump has said that they should be declared a terrorist organization.

Democratic leaders, including the leaders of rioting cities like Portland, have failed to stop violent and destructive riots in their communities. Some have even neglected to prosecute alleged rioters, and others like Joe Biden had refused to condemn the rioting.

We must always reject political violence of any kind and elect conservative leaders like former President Trump who are not afraid to intervene and maintain peace in our cities.

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