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Joe Biden putting his hands up; Biden crime surge Americans

Americans apparently don’t like how President Biden is responding to the recent surge in violent crime.

In a recent poll, Americans gave President Biden a poor rating regarding his lack of control in the ongoing crime surge across the country.

The July 2 poll, by ABC News/Washington Post, revealed that only 38% of those surveyed approve of Biden’s handling of the surge.

“The number of Americans seeing crime as an extremely serious problem in the United States is at a more than 20-year high; President Joe Biden is underwater in trust to handle it,” ABC News wrote.

Homicides have spiked by 18% in Democrat-led cities in 2021, as compared to 2020 numbers. As a result of the crime surge, the Biden administration has put an emphasis on stricter gun control.

No matter how hard they try, Democrats will never be able to stop the crime surge with more gun control. Democrat-led cities with already strict gun laws are some of the most heavily hit by the crime wave. And meanwhile, the Democratic party’s efforts to defund the police have left communities vulnerable.

The crime wave is the Biden administration’s responsibility, but unfortunately, the president and other Democrats have avoided it. They have even tried to blame Republicans for defunding the police. Eventually, when their gun restrictions don’t help reduce crime, they will have no one else to blame but themselves.

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