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We the people aren’t funding abortion anymore —  but Planned Parenthood is suing the Trump Administration for their enactment of the newest federal rule aimed at taking away the abortion giant’s federal money.


While fighting it out in court, a federal appeals court ruled that President Trump can immediately begin defunding Planned Parenthood, even while the court proceedings are going on. This is a major win for President Trump and conservatives everywhere! It’s also a great sign that Planned Parenthood’s case doesn’t have much traction in the judiciary.


But Planned Parenthood publicly announced they’re going to defy the rule, even if they lose the court battle. They think it’s wrong to withhold “health option” to patients —  but it’s immoral to advocate for killing a human while disguising it as a “health option.” Abortion isn’t a health option — it clearly involves ending a life. Patients shouldn’t be subjected to the progressive left’s brainwashing in their medical office.


Planned Parenthood recieves approximately $55 million yearly in family planning grants – yet, the organization has been obviously misusing those funds for abortions.  President Trump’s referral rule goes into effect next week — saying that facillities are no longer able to refer women to abortions, so long as the organization continues to accept tax payer dollars for their other services. Under President Trump’s Administration, this country can be assured no more tax-payer dollars will go towards abortion funding. Instead, any facillity that wants to execute abortions must separate all funding, budgets, grants, and staff payments from other healthcare services provided. No one wonder Planned Parenthood is suing — they won’t have any operating funds left after the Administration withdraws all their misused grant money!


Finally, we have an Administration standing up for life! We’re sick of Democrats forcing the American people to foot the bill for life-ending procedures of our nation’s most vulnerable.


Who’s side are you on? Donate to Americans United for Values today to show the Administration you support a FULL defund of Planned Parenthood.