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In case you were wondering if abortion activists would act any different during a world epidemic and national crisis, you would be wrong. As states are coming up short on personal protection equipment for healthcare workers helping coronavirus patients and all other important patients, abortion crusaders are demanding that no abortion restrictions be imposed nationwide.

While everyone else is having to make sacrifices across America to be able to allow our hospitals to be able to fully respond to sick virus patients, abortion activists are unwilling to compromise at all. In most U.S. states, non-essential medical procedures are being suspended to allow the equipment to be available to those who most need it.


In some cases, this means delaying surgeries that in normal times would never be put off. Tough decisions are already being made in some states brutally impacted by COVID-19. The attorney generals of Texas and Ohio, as well as the Governor of Mississippi, have stepped up to the plate by halting all non-essential surgeries, which includes abortions.


Triggered by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s order, a coalition of anti-life activist groups, including Planned Parenthood, announced they would sue the state of Texas over Paxton’s order. In what might be the most backwards statement ever, Planned Parenthood CEO Alexis McGill Johnson raged over Texas’ decision.


“This [ban] will place lives in jeopardy.” said Johnson. Johnson went on to call temporary abortion bans during worldwide epidemics a “distraction” that the country “cannot afford.” Planned Parenthood has no room to talk about putting lives in jeopardy. In fiscal year 2018, according to their annual report, they aborted 345,672 babies.


And God knows the numbers have only continued since. With hospitals nationwide in dire need of medical resources as their hospitals begin to flood with virus patients, sacrifices are being made. It is not unheard of to ask for non-essential abortions to be put on hold to save lives.


During this national crisis, Planned Parenthood is not only fighting for the right to kill the unborn (like always), but they’re fighting against nurses, doctors, hospitals, and patients who need the resources more than abortions. The right to life applies to everyone; a concept Planned Parenthood has never understood.

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