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Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is a long time supporter of abortion and continued that trend at the Women’s Health Protection Act and called abortion a “constitutional right”

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco made headlines calling the proposed abortion bill “child sacrifice.”  Pelosi vehemently disagreed with these comments and is calling for more Ameircans to have access to abortions.  Nancy Pelosi has called herself a Catholic, and has run many campaigns pulling for Catholic support, but her opinion clearly contradicts the faith’s beliefs.  


Abortion should not be allowed as it is killing babies that have a chance to exist and contribute to society.  Additionally, it is morally impossible to defend these practices, unless you are Nancy Pelosi.  She has backed this bill which will allow millions of Americans to have abortions in various terms of pregnancy.  


Pelosi is a supporter of Roe v. Wade and this bill attacks the pro-life citizens across the country.  This bill allows for fetuses to be killed and destroys the lives of innocent, defenseless human beings.  Pelosi absolutely backs child sacrifice, and she does not deserve to represent any part of American society. 


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