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Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and other democrats have been aiming for more mail-in voting across the country for 2020 elections. This dangerous practice is likely to create an election that is ripe for voter fraud!

Voter fraud is a serious concern for American citizens, and thousands of absentee ballots have been stolen from elderly people throughout recent elections.  Polling places also help to account for people that are not permanently placed in a home address.  Absentee ballots are simply more susceptible to election manipulation.


There are many examples of confirmed and suspected voter fraud in recent years.  California allowed its citizens to let a third party collect and deliver votes, this election led to seven GOP-held congressional districts to flip to blue.  Pelosi’s bill, if passed, would extend this practice nationwide and to many more federal elections.  It is an unsafe voting practice that would steal fair voting away from hardworking Americans and deliver it to criminal fraudsters.


This bill would also suggest to keep the American economy closed through the November election.  President Trump has repeatedly stated that he is looking to re-open the economy as soon as possible in order to allow the country to recover.  This will work in tandem with Coronavirus mitigation efforts and help American citizens protect their way of life.


The Trump administration has openly voiced their opinions on this type of voting, and they believe Americans must be able to vote in person.  Fair representation is a cornerstone of American society and is built into the fabric of the political system.  COVID-19 has forced all Americans to make sacrifices in their lives, but the Constitution must be able to be enforced.  Americans United for Values supports the protection of Constitutional rights!

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