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What happened to patriotism in America? Two decades ago, 7 out of 10 Americans highly valued patriotism. According to new survey results by NBC News/Wall Street Journal, this number has dropped nearly 10 points overall. In addition, only about 42% of millennials rank patriotism as a value in American society. Also on the list of declining values? Religion, belief in God, and starting a family.


Sean Hannity reacted to the news on his Fox show, asking: “That’s what young people think? Are we not telling them about America’s sacrifice for the cause of liberty and freedom? Are we not teaching about these tyrannical nations, where countries do not provide their citizens liberty, freedom, choice?”


Hannity’s show guest, Campus Reform’s Editor-in-Chief Lawrence Jones highlighted the flawed education system in America, answering: “We’re teaching them on college campuses…anti-American rhetoric, anti-capitalism, that Christianity is the only religion that is bad. We’re not educating about the other dangers of socialism. Right now the college campus has been a cesspool for liberal indoctrination and we’re getting ready to destroy an entire generation just because conservatives, quite frankly, haven’t paid attention to what’s happening on the college campus.”


The next generation of conservatives is in crisis! It’s more important than ever to protect our nation’s values to ensure they can be passed on for generations to come. Ronald Reagan said it best: “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”


Socialist Democrats are preying on millennials with their promises of free-everything! They’re ready to drive this country into the ground. Like Jones said, the Democrats are in the process of destroying an entire generation.


Americans United for Values is committed to continuing the American traditions of faith, freedom, and family. We work to ensure our children grow up in a world that champions these values. But right now, we’re under attack by the socialist left. Help us preserve American values for the next generation — our democracy is at stake!