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A Green Bay Packers huddle; Green Bay Police

The Green Bay Police are getting new technology and thousands of dollars in donations thanks to the Packers.

The Green Bay Packers announced this week that they have donated police safety technology and $757,000 to the Green Bay Police Department.

The team said that the total cost to the franchise, including the discounts on bundling packages, was $1.95 million.

“In conversations with our players, community partners and elected officials, we determined that supporting this purchase would complement our many other efforts to address injustices in our communities of color,” Packers CEO Mark Murphy stated on the team’s website. “The [body] cameras will also help the police perform their duties more effectively and benefit the local community. We are proud to be working with Green Bay and Axon to bring this technology to our city in order to enhance public safety and affect meaningful change.”

The Packers are currently working with Axon. The safety plan includes implementing body cameras, in-car cameras, Tasers and a subscription to other services Axon uses. In 2021, Axon will also enter a five-year contract with the police department.

“This is a major step towards strengthening public safety,” Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich said, “and I am honored to lead a community where organizations like ours can come together for the greater good of Green Bay.”

Although the Green Bay Packers support police reform, they are not another leftist group focused on tearing down the U.S. justice system. Their contributions and support of the Green Bay police are evidence. More professional sports teams should follow their lead.

As the year of “defund the police” comes to an end, we should all come together to make 2021 the year of defending the police.

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