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Inflation has been on the rise in many industries, and the holiday shoppers across the country have felt the pain as over 77% of Americans place Biden at fault for rising consumer prices.

A vast majority of Americans believe that Biden is the root cause of rising inflation and financial woes while only 18 percent of Americans believe “Biden is doing enough to address it.”  In addition to massive inflation, Americans are also blaming Biden for shortages and supply chain issues across the country.  


Americans are struggling to maintain a normal consumer cycle and over half of all Americans believe they will not be able to afford their holiday season.  This includes food shortages as grocery stores are struggling to keep their shelves stocked.  Americans are also seeing a reduction in their pay reactive to inflation as companies are not able to increase wages at the same rate.  


Joe Biden cannot dig the United States out of the inflation hole his policies have created.  He will be enjoying a luxurious Thanksgiving vacation in his Nantucket home despite the struggles that affect every single American.


If you believe Biden is unfit to slow down inflation, donate to Americans United for Values today!