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Polling showed that the leftist media push for the legitimization of political violence has made headway as around one-third of Americans support political violence. 

Liberal Americans are showing that they believe in social unrest to advance their political goals within their party.  Of those polled, 26 percent identified themselves as very liberal and believe that there will be a great deal of “justified violence” if Joe Biden loses the election.  Additionally, these groups believe that they should not be charged with crimes for violent acts in the event that this occurs.  


This poll confirms the incredible burning of liberal-led cities across the country and the mentality of many Americans that has been driven by the liberal media.  The media supports rioters and radical groups like Antifa that use the Black Lives Matter platform to justify their crimes.  Additionally, these predominantly liberal cities have leaders that have shown they will not stop the violence.  


Liberal media outlets have covered the hundreds of days of riots that have occurred throughout 2020 and described many criminals as heroes of social justice.  These groups are domestic terrorists that have the support of liberal media and Democrat politicians.  This helps to legitimize their cause and strip power away from law-abiding citizens.  


Core American values support the right of Americans to protest for causes that they believe in, but the left has moved to supporting rioting in great cities across the country.  Society cannot allow this to continue and cannot continue to elect politicians that are afraid to go against the far-left media. 

Donate to Americans United for Values to help protect the safety of American lives!

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