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It’s a big week for the pro-life movement in Ohio! Under new leadership, Ohio re-introduced the Heartbeat Bill on Tuesday – the pro-life legislation that was vetoed twice by outgoing Governor John Kasich.


The bill makes it illegal to abort a child if a heartbeat can be detected — as early as six weeks into a pregnancy.  Democrats attack this policy as unconstitutional, but a heartbeat proves the unborn is very much alive. If the Heartbeat Bill is signed into law, it will solidify Ohio as a pro-life state, making it one of the most difficult states to obtain an abortion in.


Although this legislation received intense national backlash from the media and left wing activist groups last year, prospects look good for the bill to pass this time around. Both Ohio state houses, as well as the Governor’s office, are run by Republicans and there’s a lot of steam behind passing this bill into law quickly.


New Ohio Governor Mike Dewine said in January that he would ‘absolutely sign the heartbeat bill.’


“In the wake of New York passing one of the most heinous bills in American history, Ohio has the opportunity to protect the most vulnerable in our society by enacting the Heartbeat Bill,” said Aaron Baer, president of Citizens for Community Values. “Ohioans sent a clear message in 2018 that this is a pro-life state. That’s why we have such strong pro-life advocates like Governor Mike DeWine, Senate President

Larry Obhof, and Speaker Larry Householder in positions of leadership.”


Americans United for Values is committed to fighting for the rights of the unborn. The legislation introduced in Ohio demonstrates that the pro-life movement is strong and alive — We are pushing back on the dangerous policies coming out of the Democratic party.


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