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Ohio Gov. Mike Dewine (R) signed legislation that will not allow public  school districts or colleges  to create regulations such as requiring the coronavirus vaccine to attend regular activities.  ​

This bill will take effect in 90 days and is worded to directly focus on the coronavirus vaccine.  The bill will not allow these public schools to require ““an individual to receive a vaccine for which the United States Food and Drug Administration has not granted full approval.”  


Additionally, there are protections for Ohio residents that have not received the vaccine to participate in public activities such as recreational sports.  This bill was pushed by Republican representatives within the state and was widely opposed by Democrats.  


Ohio Democrat Senator Kenny Yuko released a tweet saying, “I am disappointed by Governor DeWine’s decision to sign House Bill 244 into law. Public schools and universities in Ohio should be able to create policies to keep their students and employees safe.”  Vaccine mandates are consistently supported by Democrats, and public schools seem to be their primary target across the country.  


Americans deserve to retain their freedoms to choose whether or not they want to receive a vaccine.   Ohio Gov. Dewine took a step for Ohio citizens to retain that freedom.

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