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Ohio Gov. Mike Dewine signed “Stand Your Ground” legislation into law removing the “duty to retreat” before using lethal force in a situation where they fear that their lives are in danger.  

This signing of this bill into law makes Ohio the 36th state with no duty to retreat.  Mike Dewine released a statement saying, “I have always believed that it is vital that law-abiding citizens have the right to legally protect themselves when confronted with a life-threatening situation.”  This gives Ohioans more security and protection from the state.  


36 other states have created their own versions of this law since Florida became the first state with s Stand Your Ground law in 2005.  Americans are becoming more secure in their constitutional rights to use firearms and protect themselves when necessary.  This and other Second Amendment rights have been attacked by liberal extremists for many years.  


Additionally, it was proven that Stand Your Ground laws have been more beneficial for black people than white people.  It has cut down on wrongful convictions and allowed more lawful firearm use in life endangering situations. Gun Rights are important for all Americans, and Gov. Mike Dewine has shown he has the back of Ohioans.

Donate to Americans United for Value today if you believe in your 2nd Amendment rights!!

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