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At the annual National Action Network convention, an Al Sharpton-sponsored event, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lobbied once again for her Green New Deal. The Green New Deal, which demands for a massive transformation in economy and energy usage, now embraces change in health care, housing, and education as human rights.


Ocasio-Cortez, in a desperate attempt to appeal to voters, told the crowd at the National Action Network convention that her policies would aim to include free healthcare for all, free public college and reparations to African Americans for slavery.


Bernie Sanders, who also spoke at the conference, said if he were president and a bill about reparations came across his desk then he would sign it.


Of course I would sign it…What we need to do is pay attention to the most distressed communities in America.” Said Sanders.


This contradicts his previous statements at the Brown & Black Democratic Forum where he claimed the reparations would be polarizing and suggested prioritizing current economic equality instead of compensating for past injustices. It is clear that Bernie Sanders will say anything to increase his standing among voters. Ex-president Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have also previously come out in opposition of reparations.


Among 30 co-sponsors claiming to support the legislation are notable Democrats; Sen. Kamala Harris, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Mayor Julian Castro, and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.


Warren added to this proposal by recommending reparations for Native Americans as well.


Ocasio-Cortez’ newfound interest in minorities drew accusations of hypocrisy after she drove out the possibility of establishing an Amazon campus in her district by spreading misinformation about the project.


Jobs were snatched away from mostly Latino and Black students at universities” said Bill Thompson, Chairman of the City University of New York, after Amazon was rejected.


Ocasio-Cortez and other Democrats cling to the idea that fairness means massive redistribution of wealth administered by the federal government. This Marxist ideology has been widely criticized by political theorists who claim confiscating money and property that was rightly earned by individuals and forcing them to give it away to others is a slight against democracy and autonomy.


Viewing people as property has been unequivocally condemned by almost every citizen since the late 1800’s, but now Ocasio-Cortez and liberals are looking at the past to achieve their future aspirations.


An agenda of reparations fails to focus on creating equality in the present and instead shifts attention to rectifying wrongdoings by players that haven’t been around for hundreds of years. Under the Democrats America, one must be careful not to earn too much money or it will be seized by the Federal Government to make up for their own historically, inadequate policies. Equality is a benchmark of our countries values and there is no fairness in taking hard-earned dollars out of Americans pockets to give to others who want it.


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