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Sen. Martha McSally (R-AZ) is claiming that her new book, Dare to Fly: Simple Lessons in Never Giving Up, is being blocked from the New York Times bestsellers list despite selling more copies than others.  The New York Times has shown they have an extreme liberal lean, but this unfair practice proves they will do anything to hurt conservative politicians.  McSally’s book sold around 10,700 copies, 9,000 more than the lowest ranking book on the nonfiction list.


Senator McSally is presently running for re-election and the exposure that would come with a New York Times bestselling book could help gain votes in November.  The New York Times has committed similar acts for other conservative authors like Sen. Ted Cruz and President Trump.


When the books by Cruz and Trump were omitted from their lists, the Times representative stated that there are additional criteria other than books sold.  This opens the door for political bias and does not allow conservative authors to achieve the accolades that they deserve.  The reputation of the New York Times is faltered in all of their reporting, but these actions are the clearest case of foul play.


Sen. McSally’s book describes her upbringing and the challenges she faced while rising to become a United States Senator.  It is meant to be an inspirational read for people that are facing difficult times.  The Times ignored the content of the book and simply showed their incompetence by leaving it off the list.


It has become acceptable for major news outlets to blatantly disrespect conservative individuals.  The Times is proving that their reputation of a prestigious news outlet is rapidly disappearing.

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