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If you live in New York City and use the word “illegal alien” or “illegal immigrant,” you may need to change your vocabulary or face a hefty fine. The New York City Council voted Thursday to ban the two terms from being used in any official city government discourse or documents.

If anyone dares to use such vocabulary, they could be looking at a fine of up to $250,000.


The crackdown on the first amendment is typical of such far-left politics in a city like New York, but the new measure goes far beyond anything that’s been passed elsewhere in the U.S. The new legislation will arrive at Mayor de Blasio’s desk to be signed into law, in which he will inevitably follow suit.


“No human being is illegal,” said NYC Council Speaker Corey Johnson. “This degrading terminology never belonged in our laws, in our language, or in our lives. By taking this step, New York City would become the first major city in the United States to remove these offensive terms from its laws.”


Instead of using “illegal” or “alien” to describe those who are not in the country legally, the New York City Council is encouraging members to use the word “noncitizen” instead. Bound to cause confusion, using “noncitizen” instead of the proper terms now blurs the lines between tourists, foreign exchange students, and more.


Estimates over the past few years point to over 1 million illegal aliens living in New York City. And as the city government continues to go further and further to the left, it is likely that the number will only continue to rise. This is the same city asking American taxpayers for a bailout.


While the residents of New York City are facing an economic nightmare, their city council is busy voting on which offensive terms they want to ban. To say the priorities in NYC are lost is an understatement.


We are a nation of rules and laws. Liberals don’t get to pick which ones they want to choose, and certainly don’t get to choose for others which ones they can say aloud.

If you still believe that those here illegally should be deported, sign up for Americans United for Values today!