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On Monday, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio held a rally in Trump Tower promoting the, “New York City Green New Deal” which contained legislation packed with liberal goodies and red tape.


His big government agenda places a lot of emphasis on buildings in the city cutting emissions to meet strict environmental standards. If buildings don’t comply, they will be issued heavy fines. De Blasio’s hope is to have crushing regulations, true to the heart of the Democratic agenda. Estimates say the cost of all the building upgrades is near $4 billion. And this is just to meet the liberal  environmental standards, not necessary upgrades.


But there was one problem for de Blasio on Monday. His rally was met with counter-protesters shouting down most of de Blasio’s speech. Signs behind him said “Trump 2020” and “Worst Mayor Ever.” The Democratic mayor had a piece of his own medicine facing counter-protesters that derailed his speech.


Despite the failed political stunt on Monday, Mayor Bill de Blasio is planning to enter the 2020 Democratic Primary circus within the next week. If De Blasio’s presidential announcement rolls out in any similar fashion to his attention seeking stunt on Monday, he is in for a short primary race.


In a city of 8 million people, legislation like the New York City Green New Deal shows that crushing liberal environmental policies are knocking at the doorstep of millions of Americans. We must stop AOC inspired policies from gaining momentum by fighting back, before they become legislation in American cities, states, and in Congress. The liberal utopia that Democrats dream of brings high taxes, regulations, and red tape.


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