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Prominent black conservatives including Candace Owens, Rob Smith, Terrence K Williams, and Keith and Kevin Hodge have publicly condemned the media’s role in worsening racism in America.  They have spoken out against establishment reporters that are looking to push a narrative, rather than solve the issues that face society.  These figures are being referred to as “white supremacists” by liberals. 


Candace Owens released a video that wet viral on Twitter that rejected the notion that there is a systematic and widespread problem with police racism.   She did call for justice for George Floyd and his family, but made remarks that “sometimes human beings suck”.  These remarks are a departure from the liberal media’s push to condemn all police officers. 


In a recent poll on police trust it showed that is has decreased since the George Floyd death, but only slightly.  Additionally, more Americans are presently blaming rioters for lingering violence than are blaming police.  Americans are all in agreement that George Floyd’s death was wrong, but the reaction should not be the destruction of major cities. 


These black conservatives also commented on the societal pressure to push the victimhood narrative.  Rob Smith pointed out that there is societal pressure that is created by liberal media to raise African-American children to know they are a victim.  He shed that the problem can arise from an upbringing, and not from a systematic abuse by police. 


Americans are being shamed for having conservative values and being called racist for supporting Republicans like President Trump.  There are so many issues that face society that turn into the shaming of conservative beliefs.  Liberal media is trying to control the narrative in order to make money off of real victims. 

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