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Democratic Governor Roy Cooper of North Carolina vetoed a bill that would require law enforcement to aid ICE when processing prisoners.  This veto has raised uproar throughout the country, but some agencies will take this into their own hands.  Beaufort County Sheriff Ernie Coleman went on “Fox and Friends” to explain how he will do everything he can to aid ICE officials with their processes.  The Sheriff went on to say that about 95% of sheriffs are complying with ICE and their request to help free the country of law breaking illegal immigrants.


This veto shows a lack of respect for federal law and incompetence by Governor Cooper.  Law enforcement is an extremely important aspect of illegal immigration regulation and the lack of support by a state governor is alarming.  These ICE requests are being used to recognize illegal migrants that have been known to break laws and create more danger for American citizens.


“North Carolina Governor Cooper Vetoed a Bill that would have required Sheriffs to cooperate with Ice. This is a terrible decision for the great people of North Carolina. He should reverse his decision and get back to the basics of fighting crime!”

President Trump


President Trump has placed paramount interest in protecting the US borders and developing stronger immigration procedures.  These procedures include enabling ICE and law enforcement with the tools necessary to protect American citizens.  Governor Cooper has a lack of respect for federal law and stands against the constituents that voted him into office.


The people of North Carolina should be in uproar and fight against these ridiculous propositions to ignore immigration laws.  Sheriff Coleman is an incredible American with the courage to stand for what he believes in.  American values support his decision and we must continue to empower our citizens and law enforcement.


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