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The NFL is struggling to maintain viewers as week 3 numbers continue to show that the league is not able to maintain viewership.  

Professional sports leagues have been at the forefront of supporting causes like de-funding the police and the Black Lives Matter movement.  The league had its worst opening week in over a decade and saw a slight recovery in week 2.  Week 3 wrapped up Monday night showing falling numbers again.  


The NFL has taken up many causes to comply with the woke media across the country.  These have included allowing players to put “social justice figures” on the back of their helmets and promoting Black Lives Matter causes.  Viewership has shown that they will not support a league that disrespects law enforcement and players kneeling for the flag.  


Overall, the viewership has fallen between 11 and 19 percent across all viewing platforms.  Many fans are showing that they will not watch the games when the league and players continue to kneel for the national anthem and support the rioters around the United States.  


The NFL, along with other professional sports leagues, continue to disrespect the values of traditional Americans.  They have shown that they will not stand with law enforcement and other service members that put their lives on the line for all citizens.  The woke-sports model is proving to lose millions of dollars worth of viewership and it will only continue as protests become more prevalent. 

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