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If there’s one thing the state of California doesn’t do well, it’s balancing the budget. This was a problem before COVID-19, but those issues have been accelerated by massive budget cuts and reckless spending. On Sunday, California Governor Gavin Newsom put out dire warnings if his state isn’t bailed out by the federal government.

The state of California is facing a colossal deficit of $54 billion due to the Chinese coronavirus. California was handing out relief packages to government entities, businesses, and residents. Given its large illegal alien population, California also set up funds to hand out stimulus checks to those in the country illegally.


Governor Newsom’s coronavirus emergency assistance plan will give up to $1,000 to illegal immigrant families residing in California. They will need to meet eligibility requirements, but they do not have to be legal residents of the United States. That program set up by Gavin Newsom came in at a receipt of $125 million.


And after all the feckless spending the state of California did to address its own pre-existing problems like illegal immigration, it’s now expecting American taxpayers to bail them out. The first to be held hostage if California doesn’t get federal bailout money? First responders.


“We’re not looking for charity,” said Governor Newsom in an interview Sunday on CNN. “It’s social responsibility at a time when people all across the country are facing unprecedented budgetary stress. It’s incumbent of the federal government to support these states.”

He then went on to paint the grim picture of what will happen if his state doesn’t get a bailout. Speaking directly to federal lawmakers, he said, “I hope they consider next time they want to celebrate heroes and first responders they will be the first ones laid off by cities and counties.”

Only in California do the needs of illegal immigrants come before first responders. If Governor Newsom knew he was heading toward this budgetary nightmare, why did he bail out illegal immigrants before first responders?

It is completely unacceptable to hold first responders hostage due to reckless budget spending. And now Governor Newsom wants YOU, the American taxpayer, to help bail him out.

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