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School children in masks; school mask mandate

Despite the threat of termination, a New Mexico school board voted to reject the governor’s school mask mandate.

The school board of Floyd Municipal Schools in New Mexico voted 5-0 this week to reject Democratic Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s mask mandate for the upcoming school year.

Grisham’s administration had threatened to fire every school board member if the Floyd school board failed to comply with the state’s mandates. However, the Floyd school board doesn’t believe the governor has the legal power necessary to follow through with that threat.

“I believe this is a victory for the state of New Mexico,” board president Leon Nall said after the vote, according to The Eastern New Mexico News.

According to a warning letter from the New Mexico Public Education Department, the Floyd school board approved these policies:

  1. Masks are optional
  2. Social distancing is optional, a teacher’s choice
  3. No MERV 13 filtering
  4. Transportation will return to normal
  5. No temperature checks
  6. Surveillance testing is optional for staff, if a staff member wants to be tested, ok, not mandated.
  7. Athletic teams follow the rules of the teams they visit
  8. Allow parents to pick up and drop off students to the classroom
  9. Resume all classroom activities/parent involvement

More and more people are fighting back against the terrible mandates that liberals are pushing on our kids. We must continue to fight against these unfair policies, or our education system will suffer and American children will be forced to pay the price.

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