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            Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy is expected to sign the legislation to allow illegal immigrants to obtain professional licenses throughout the state.  This is raising concerns about the legitimacy of their training and the supply of jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Many citizens are worried that this could lead to cheaper labor and the cutting of their salaries. 

            This bill would allow illegal immigrants to become things like barbers, accountants, and even pharmacists.  Millions  of Americans have been laid off or put out of work during the pandemic, but New Jersey democrats seem to value migrant employment more.  These same representatives have prevented many business owners from operating their establishments. 


            Unemployment throughout the state ranges from 12 to almost 35 percent in some areas.  This consists of the New Jersey citizens that are legally in the country.  Many of the people in the state are worried about the economic implications and the resulting wage loss.  American workers already face so many challenges, they should not have to compete with illegal aliens. 


            There are around 1.3 million unemployed New Jersey citizens that could take jobs within these professional fields.  They will now be required to fight against a larger pool of candidates that likely are not paying taxes.  This is encouraging illegal immigration, and working against the efforts of the federal government.


            Immigration is an important part of American society, but measures to ensure legal immigration should be required.  Economic stability is important for Americans, and many Americans find their place in the economy by obtaining certain licenses.  State governments are giving these American rights to illegal aliens that are refusing to obtain proper citizenship.  Americans United for Values supports strong borders and strict measures against illegal migration.  


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