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The Flores Catch-and Release Loophole was started in 2015 and it ruined border security.  This rule required border agents to allow migrants with children to be freed after 20 days, with or without asylum status.  This loophole has allowed an influx of illegal migrants to evade border laws.  However, Homeland Security is deeming it important to the safety of Americans to regulate this form of illegal immigration.


The new rule, will allow state-licensed shelters to house migrants with children until their asylum status is finalized.  This allows US borders to be bolstered and prevent migrants from escaping the grasp of immigration enforcement.  Another aspect of this regulation is the promise to reduce the amount of migrants that seek US jobs in order to pay cartel debts.


In 2013, there were roughly 15,00 “family unit” migrants that had entered the United States.  In 2019, there is over 430,000 migrants that have entered the United States in the same situation.  These migrants have not been required to go through asylum qualification.  This is a major problem that is being combatted by the Department of Homeland Security.


This new rule also helps the families avoid cartel exploitation and limits the power that these groups have on migrants.  The rule will also require these families to be properly taken care of in federal facilities while they await asylum approval or rejection.  This is such an important regulation because it allows our agencies to perform their job effectively and without pressure set by an arbitrary timeline.


Homeland Security and other illegal immigration fighting agencies have been empowered by the Trump administration.  The investment in the protection of American values and jobs. American industry is forced to create jobs for Americans and pay fair wages without the reliance on illegal migrants.  The administration is working tirelessly to control the activity surrounding US borders.  These types of rules and regulations give ammunition to these agencies and keep American values secure.


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