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Police standing in front of a protest; anti-police

The DCCC’s chief tech officer, Erika Joy Baker, has a history of posting aggressive anti-police content on social media.

It has recently been revealed that the new chief technology officer for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has posted violent anti-police rhetoric on social media.

Erica Joy Baker had tweeted that she hates the police and considers them a “modern slave patrol.” She also asked her followers to burn down police precincts if she were ever killed by an officer.

“If the cops kill me, the only way to ‘sully’ my legacy is to *not* be out in the streets,” Baker said in a now-deleted tweet. “If the cops kill me, burn every cop precinct to the ground. If the cops kill me, shut down the highways and throw the teargas back at ‘em when they try you.”

After the January Capitol riot, Baker also tweeted: “I wonder if this will kick off an investigation into how deeply white nationalists have infiltrated capitol police, which will spur similar investigations into other PDs.”

Baker’s tweets advocating violence represent a disgusting attitude that the progressive left has taken toward police. They have pushed anti-law enforcement rhetoric for years, rioted and destroyed cities, and since last year, demanded that Americans everywhere “defund the police.”

We cannot allow individuals like Baker who advocate violence to be important officials in our political system. Her attitudes are dangerous, reprehensible and completely un-American.

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