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The Rhodes Scholarship is supposed to be one of the highest distinctions a postgraduate student can receive.  However, if a student does not fit the liberal criteria, then they will have a hard time achieving the award.  Of the 32 scholars chosen, 19 are involved in progressive causes, and the other 13 were awarded for physical science excellence.  None of the scholars selected showed any interest in traditionally conservative values.


This selection process is blatantly biased and the selection committee did not include any conservative students.  These statistics bring up questions about the legitimacy in the selection process, and shows they have an agenda to promote progressivism before choosing the best candidates.


These types of awards have become less about the strength of the candidate and more about the edginess of their social justice campaign.  Elliot F. Gerson, American Secretary of the Rhodes Trust, said these scholars represent “extraordinary diversity that characterizes and strengthens the United States.”  This diversity must not include political diversity, as all of these scholars represent the liberal agenda.


In addition to Rhodes Scholarship, the federally funded Truman Scholarship lacks a conservative identity.  This award was given to 59 recipients, and did not include a single conservative initiative.  It is nearly impossible to be awarded in higher education unless the candidate represents some form of leftist extremism.


Traditional American values are not only being challenged, but those who support them are under attack by liberal groups.  Americans United for Values fights against these new standards.  We fight for those who support a strong American culture.  Show your support by signing up below to find out more about how American values are under attack!