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According to reports, roughly 489 illegal aliens that were facing criminal charges have been released since the start of 2019. North Carolina has done this while ignoring ICE’s detainer request to turn these individuals over for arrest and deportation.  These criminally charged illegal aliens were detained for many crimes, but included homicide, kidnapping, arson, and sexual assault.


Law Enforcement has a duty to protect its citizens, and this duty is not being performed when they allow illegal aliens to leave custody and return to their communities.  ICE is working to rid the country of illegal aliens that cause danger to American citizens.  North Carolina officials are actively helping these law-breakers leave the custody of law enforcement.


In the past year and a half, around 330 illegal aliens were charged with child sex crimes.  These individuals have been linked to over 1,200 cases of child molestation and other sexual assaults of minors.  These are some of the people that North Carolinians are forced to live with, even though they were arrested and detained.


Governor Roy Cooper, a Democrat, vetoed a bill that would require sheriffs and other law enforcement officials to detain illegal aliens and turn them over to ICE.  Cooper is actively allowing dangerous criminals to re-enter society rather than complying with requests from ICE.  This bill would allow ICE to effectively control illegal immigration and help to rid the country of the law-breakers that have entered.  Cooper has made the state of North Carolina a more dangerous place and shows a lack of responsibility to his constituents.


Americans deserve to live in a secure environment that allows law enforcement to work effectively and efficiently.  The American people are being cheated of this by people like Governor Cooper others who oppose agencies like ICE.


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