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The transgender swimmer from the University of Penn, Lia Thomas, who is a biological male has began to crush women’s records and can be expected to take home an NCAA title.  ​

Lia Thomas, formerly Will Thomas, competed for the Penn men’s swimming team for three seasons prior to joining the women’s team this year.  Over the weekend, he competed in the women’s field at the Akron Zippy Invitational and won the 1650m by 38 seconds.  This mark set Penn records, meet and pool records.  


This is an extremely controversial competitor as it shows a clear advantage for his chances throughout the rest of the season.  Additionally, his win at this event guarantees his entry into the NCAA Championships in March.  Will “Lia” Thomas holds a massive advantage genetically as his height and wingspan is greater than any other woman currently competing in all of division 1 women’s swimming.  


The NCAA claims that the use of testosterone suppression makes all things equal when men are competing in women’s athletics.  These treatments are nearly impossible to track and create a completely unfair standard for biological women who are rightfully competing.


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