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Gone are the days where Democrats voted against the right to life and healthcare for UNBORN babies – now, they’ve graduated to withholding these basic rights from NEWBORN babies as well.

The North Carolina House Democrats showed their sick, brainwashed progressivism in a failed vote this week which would have required doctors to care for any infant born alive, regardless if from a botched abortion or not.

NC State Senator Joyce Krawiec said: “This bill is nothing except requiring care for a newborn child, separate from its mother, born alive.”

The bill had already been vetoed by Planned Parenthood-buyout Governor Cooper, but the state Senate had secured enough votes to overturn it. The bill would not only take away abortion providers’ ability to withhold medical care from a baby born alive, but also would require any baby born at an abortion facility to be transferred to a hospital. All incidents like these would need to be reported and documented under law.

It’s intolerable that abortion facilities have been getting away with their sick, negligent practices of letting newborn babies die for so long. These healthcare “professionals” think they should decide whether someone lives or dies based on the intent of the mother to kill the child a few hours prior. Democrats used to say abortion was about a mother’s decision regarding her own body – now it’s about the mother’s decision to kill another human being, alive and breathing on its own.

Planned Parenthood released a statement on the vote saying: “The majority of North Carolinians support the right to access safe and legal abortion and don’t want to see their elected leaders focused on further restricting that right. This is a win for North Carolinians.”

How far will Democrats go?

Planned Parenthood’s statement really says that it’s a win for them any day they get to decide if an unborn baby – and now a newborn baby — should live or die. Planned Parenthood has brainwashed their loyal supporters with this fake line about abortion access over and over again. This bill wasn’t about a ban, or abortion restrictions. What this bill was about is ensuring every newborn baby can receive medical care in America.  

We’re stunned at the brainwashed left, falling in line with Planned Parenthood’s progressive goal of ending the right to life. If you think every baby – BORN and UNBORN – deserves a fair chance at life, help us take on the progressive left. Donate to Americans United for Values today – it’s time to put a stop to the debate on how far ‘abortion rights’ can go.