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“A dangerous movement, undetected by many but real, is now challenging and eroding our great tradition of religious freedom,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions told the Department of Justice Religious Summit as he announced the creation of the Religious Liberty Task Force last week.

His words couldn’t have held truer as several news outlets immediately began criticizing the formation of the task force – whose mission is to ensure the rights of religious groups and individuals are protected under the law.

MSNBC’s Rev. Al Sharpton even compared the Religious Liberty Task Force to Jim Crow laws and slavery, referencing sexism and xenophobia. MSNBC was quick to paint religious freedom as a weapon against women, LGBT individuals, and immigrants.

When will the left realize that pushing their progressive beliefs on people of faith will not be tolerated? Our country was founded with religious freedom as a cornerstone, but the left seems to think certain groups in this country are above the first amendment.

Sessions referenced the Masterpiece Cakeshop case as one of the many reasons for the formation of the task force. The difference between religious freedom and discrimination was in the spotlight when a bakery owner refused to compromise his religious beliefs to bake a wedding cake for a same sex couple in 2012. The Supreme Court recently upheld the baker’s religious rights, but only after years of legal battles. “American culture has become less hospitable to people of faith,” Sessions concluded.

The back lash of the media towards protecting religious rights is exactly why this task force is so necessary. The Trump Administration shows unwavering commitment to religious businessowners, churches, healthcare providers, and employers. Americans United for Values supports the Religious Liberty Task Force and refuses to allow the left to continue to step on our freedom of religion.


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