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Two MS-13 gang members in Maryland are being held after allegedly murdering a teen girl. They made her take off her clothes, then beat her with a baseball bat, and finished her off by using a machete.


It is believed that the gang members killed the teen girl out of suspicion that she was going to snitch on them for their robbery the day before. The brutal murder highlights the danger of illegal immigrant gangs, but also how brutal their killings are. The teen’s body was found this past month in a creek.


ICE’s statement Tuesday included a disturbing fact: the alleged killers were already wanted by immigration officials. The two had been in custody the year before for attempted murder charges related to a different crime. ICE then asked Prince George County Department of Corrections officials to let them know when they were going to be released. County officials never let ICE know, and the two eventually murdered the aforementioned teen girl in April.


They were supposed to have been deported last year but local officials never followed through to turn them over ICE, knowing that it would’ve led to their immediate deportation. The unacceptable behavior by local officials led to the murder, which clearly could have been prevented, as well as the robbery.


Correction officials acted in similar fashion to how some U.S. cities use sanctuary city style enforcement to protect illegal immigrants from deportation by not handing over known illegal immigrant criminals to federal authorities. Democrats like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez want to abolish ICE, who finally put an end to the two MS-13 gang member’s streak of violence. If ICE is abolished, one can only wonder how many more innocent people will be killed by MS-13 gang members.


MS-13 gang members shouldn’t even be allowed to reside in the U.S., let alone commit crime and get away with it. Strong immigration and border policies are what will prevent atrocities like the teenage murder in Maryland. It’s time liberals follow the laws already in place and let ICE do their job; If you agree, sign up for Americans United for Values today!