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If you’re looking for accountability and leadership, steer clear of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Mayor Jacob Frey has essentially let his city burn to the ground, including government buildings, grocery stores, banks, and small locally owned businesses. He has failed to denounce the rioters to warrant any change in behavior, and put the lives of his constituents in danger.

On Thursday evening, he ordered police to stand down, as rioters broke into the third precinct of the Minneapolis Police Department’s building. They raided the building before later torching it, as no first responders could be found.


But for the folks in Minneapolis who have had to take shelter at home and watch their city burn to the ground, praying and going to church won’t be an option. Last week, Mayor Frey said that allowing even a 25% capacity for churches in the city would be a “public health disaster.”


“I support our governor, I think he’s doing a tremendous job and he’s looking out for the entire state of Minnesota, whereas I’m looking out for the unique characteristics associated with the city of Minneapolis.” said Mayor Frey last week. “Moving up to 25 percent capacity and up to 250 people in places of worship is a recipe in Minneapolis for a public health disaster.”


For such a tumultuous and dangerous situation, Frey has taken a soft and neutral approach to the rioters burning down his city. “What we’ve seen over the last two days and the emotion-ridden conflict over last night is the result of so much built up anger and sadness…” said in a tweet Thursday.


The Mayor at one point was holding back tears Thursday in a press conference, as he struggled to address the situation at hand. As Mayor Frey is attempting to negotiate with rioters, they continue to step all over him and do whatever they want when the sun sets in Minneapolis to loot and vandalize the town.


Mayor Frey infamously attempted to shut down a Trump rally in the city last year before it even happened, citing “security costs” as justification. Minneapolis endured riots by ANTIFA the same night as well, serving as another example of Frey’s poor leadership.


According to the left, rioting is perfectly fine but worshipping God is not.

If you believe it is time for Mayor Frey to resign, sign our Americans United for Values petition today!