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Police tape with lights; Minneapolis police shortage

A police shortage in Minneapolis has spurred calls for the public to “stand up” to violent crime.

Minneapolis city and community leaders are asking residents to “stand up and speak out” against violent crime during a shortage of police.

In Minneapolis, violent crime rose 21% in 2020. This year could unfortunately continue the trend as police deal with a slew of shootings, the most recent leaving two dead and eight injured.

The Daily Wire reported that nearly 20% of the city’s police force retired early or took leaves of absence last year. As a result, the Minneapolis police department had to cut back on some of its normal operations.

This is not the first time that “defunding the police” has damaged a major U.S. city. Last fall, more than a hundred officers left the Seattle Police Department after city council voted to cut the department’s budget by 18%.

Efforts to defund the police and demonize law enforcement across the country have left public safety forces crippled. In the end, it has put communities at much greater risk of crime.

If we want to heal our country, then supporting the people of law enforcement is a good place to start. Every American should be “all in” to make sure our public safety is a top priority. Without good and well-supported police forces, our communities will only suffer more.

If you’re proud to “defend the police,” join us at Americans United for Values!