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Last August, President Trump announced the first pay increase for the U.S. military in 9 years. This week, he proposed an even larger pay increase for the 2020 fiscal year — labeled it as the “largest increase in a decade.”

In the President’s proposed budget to Congress, he asked for a 3.1% increase for military pay, up from the 2.5% awarded in 2018. Along with pay increases for those serving, the President also recommended a 5% increase overall for the Department of Defense budget.

The Trump Administration has long been a champion of updating our military equipment, financially backing new technology for the military, and taking care of our military families. Members of our armed services suffered under the Obama Administration for years with few pay increases and a crumbling VA. Under a Trump Presidency, the Administration is working to back peddle the damage the Obama Administration did to our military and their families.

This week showed further commitment to campaign promises from back in 2015. Promises Made, Promises Kept! Americans United for Values is thrilled the Administration continues fight for the deserving men and women who protect our Nation!