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Border Patrol agents arrested a group of 86 migrants attempting to cross the desert and enter the United States, a massive increase at a traditionally low traffic section of the Southern border.

Within the last week, four groups of migrants have been arrested totaling 300 individuals.  These groups are being trafficked by human smugglers who disregard the brutal heat in the region.  Within the sector, 97 groups of migrants containing 50 or more individuals have been apprehended this year.  


The White house continues to ignore the border crisis and has not placed any actions into place to help mitigate the amount of arrivals.  The Yuma border saw 5,647 migrant apprehensions in 2020, there have been 47,358 less than halfway into 2021.  The cancellation of Trump era immigration policies have created border weakness at the risk of American citizens.  


Illegal migrants and human traffickers can clearly see that President Joe Biden does not have any plan to lock down the border.  Vice President Kamala Harris was tasked with dealing with the border crisis and has been worthless in her efforts.  This surge of illegal border activity poses a massive security threat to Americans around the entire country. 


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