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Migrant arrests by Border Patrol in May added up to more than 172,000 migrants at the US-Mexico border, an increase of 700% over May 2020.  ​

It is not a secret that the border crisis has continually become more dangerous since President Joe Biden took office.  Border weakness has led to hundreds of thousands of migrants traveling to the American Southwest in an attempt to gain entry to the United States.  Throughout 2021, nearly 900,000 individuals have been apprehended, increasing from 291,000 in 2020.  


The effective policies that were put in place by President Trump have been widely overturned by the Biden team.  This reversal is clearly leading to a massive increase in illegal migration and many unaccompanied minors at the Southern border.  This is due to the Biden policy to allow entry for these children.  


President Biden and Vice President Harris have not taken any action to help mitigate the massive migration crisis.  Agents are being forced to work under this administration that does not empower law enforcement.  Border Security is being ignored, and Americans are threatened by illegal aliens. 


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