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          Mexican officials have no control over migrants running through their country and it shows just how necessary a border wall is. Recently, over 1,000 Cuban migrants escaped from a Mexican detention facility.  These migrants were not met with any resistance and the escape surely sent groups of people toward the United States border.


Mexican authorities lacked the proper weaponry and resources that are necessary to secure their own borders, so we must build a strong wall to secure ours.  Central America is using Mexico as a bridge to the southern border of the United States.  In addition to this group of Cuban migrants, there are thousands more from Central American countries.


These migrants make their way into Mexico very easily due to Mexican laws that welcome caravans.  These caravans were intended to bring workers and economic gains into Mexican cities.  This initially helped the Mexican economy and allowed industries to grow, but now it is a safety crisis.  These relaxed migration laws have brought crime and a lack of security into Mexico.


This makes the need for a strong southern border more and more apparent.  We must secure our country and build a wall for the safety of the United States. Mexico lacks the ability to secure their country and it allows dangerous groups of migrants through their borders and toward the American border.


Mexico lacks the facilities, security, and the political support to maintain a strong ally in the fight against illegal immigration. We must secure our borders for the safety of the American people.  At this time, Mexico is just a step along the way for all of Central America to move toward the US border and we have to take the fight against the illegal immigration trend into our own hands.  The Wall is necessary and must be built.


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