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A convoy carrying American citizens from Utah came under fire Monday in Bavispe, Mexico in which six children and their three mothers were executed and burned alive. The shocking slaughter carried out by Mexican drug cartels prompted the outrage of many in America wondering why such an attack happened to innocent people.


Dawna Langford, Christina Marie Langford Johnson, Rhonita Miller were in a convoy with their children on the way to their Mormon settlement in La Mora, Mexico when the cartels rained endless gunfire on the vehicles, blowing one up. Everyone inside the blown up car died. Miraculously, seven children survived in the other cars. There were three in total.


The victims range from 43 to 8 months old. The heartless cartel members had no mercy for their victims. The convoy and other children were only discovered after one child ran off and went back to the village in Bavispe to tell relatives of what had happened.


Shocking video by relative Julian LeBaron showed the aftermath of the attack on the convoy. It shows the burned cars, as well as LeBaron’s heart-wrenching words, talking about how his grandchildren have been shot up and burnt.


The horrific attack also signifies an attack on the Christian community. Investigations are ongoing as to why the convoy was targeted, but all involved were engaged members of the Mormon community.


The open border Democrats have turned a blind eye to what happened Monday. They continue to show that they care more about illegal immigrants than American citizens. Where is the Democratic outrage for the massacre of innocent women and children?


Violence by illegal immigrants is already common in America. Even though Mexico clearly doesn’t enforce its laws doesn’t mean we shouldn’t either. Donate to Americans United for Values today if you believe we must start enforcing existing immigration laws or we will end up like Mexico!