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The 2020 Christmas season will be remembered for extremists calling for stay-at-home orders, BLM and Antifa movements, the continued election fight,  and Americans clinging to their values and liberties that make the country great.

Many politicians are telling Americans to avoid Christmas celebrations and traditional visits to family for COVID-19 protocols.  Americans are rejecting the notion that a politician can tell them who they can and cannot see during the holiday season.  These groups are also forcing a police-state on the country under the COVID-19 blanket of policies. 

Groups like BLM and Antifa have been at the forefront of the left-wing media in order to push the anti-police agenda.  These groups are calling for our service men and women to be stripped of their jobs and face salary reductions at a large scale.  Blue Lives Matter combats the liuberal movement and fights for the rights of the police.  

The 2020 Election counted many votes that are both questionable and potentially illegal across the country.  These votes include ballots cast after Election Day, phoney mail-in ballots, and even some from deceased people.  President Trump continues to fight against election fraud.  

The Christmas season is important and stands for many of the core values that have been developed from the inception of the United States.  Christmas is the time to be thankful for the freedoms Americans have and remember to fight to keep these freedoms.

Merry Christmas from Americans United for Values!!!

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