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The FBI conducted 3.7 million background checks throughout the month of March, which beat the previous monthly high by over 400,000. These numbers are staggering and many people are looking to obtain firearms in order to bolster their personal security. The background checks are a requirement for gun-buyers and other types of permit applicants.

American citizens are looking to hang on to the freedoms that they can maintain during the isolation that COVID-19 has brought.  Gun ownership gives Americans the ability to defend their families from many dangers.  Millions of background checks also mean that there are many first-time gun owners who will help stand for 2nd amendment rights. 


Gun stores and other arms dealers were being closed as a part of the Coronavirus precautions.  The federal government has since deemed gun stores are essential business and they are going to remain open throughout the crisis.  This is a major win for 2nd amendment rights and it is showing that the core freedoms that drive the country will remain strong throughout and after COVID-19. 


American gun ownership is an essential right that can be exercised my anyone who decides to arm themselves for self-defense.  The 2nd amendment is one of the most important freedoms that are enjoyed by Americans, and people are looking to use that right.  Gun ownership is strengthening across the country, and responsible gun owners will help to lead the country into the future.


Firearm related background check numbers do not necessarily determine the amount of guns that are being purchased across the country.  Many people can be buying more than one firearm under one check.  2nd Amendment rights are so important to protect the values that guide the United States to excellence!

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