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Beginning in 2020, Illinois will join 4 other states that require their public schools to incorporate LGBTQ topics into curriculums and exclusively purchase textbooks that include LGBTQ history.

A suburb of Chicago, Evanston, IL, has taken the requirement a step further by establishing a mandatory “LGBTQ celebration week” for all grade levels.

“Students and educators will engage in a week-long curriculum that celebrates and affirms LGBTQ+ identities with the goal of fostering a deeper sense of allyship within our schools and the creation of a welcoming, inclusive environment for every child and adult,” said an e-mail from the district to parents.

The teachings start as early as preschool, with the curriculum for ages 3-5 involving correctly identifying families as two of the same-sex parents shown with children, as well as showing video clips and books of LGBTQ families all week.

Our public schools have no place in teaching controversial topics to our children, pushed by the liberal elites, in place of family values — especially at the easily impressionable age of 3. These “education” programs have proven to be nothing but a slippery slope.

In the UK, an LGBTQ educational curriculum called “All About Me” teaches transgenderism to 4 year olds and teaches what a relationship is by using two 9 year old boys as a model. Most notably — marriage and the concept of commitment fail to be mentioned even once throughout the curriculum.

The Heritage Foundation in Washington D.C. hosted the “Summit on Protecting Children from Sexualization” this month in the nation’s capital to fight back.

I don’t think it’s an accident that our schools are being taken over. I think it is by design to get students to deny their creation and how they are created so that they will deny their creator,” Derrick Max, principal of a Christian school in Washington D.C. told the crowd.

These programs aren’t teaching tolerance – they’re advocating for a radical anti-family values agenda. Where does this leave families of faith and traditional values? The left is unapologetically warring against Christian teachings. Their intentional elimination of everything from school prayer to the word “God” in the Pledge of Allegiance has rapidly made way for LGBTQ propaganda and a complete silencing of faith in schools.

The left’s radical agenda is spreading throughout our public school systems to take advantage of children at such a young age – far before their parents are able to explain family values and faith teachings in a meaningful conversation.


Donate to Americans United for Values today to fight back – we must stand together for our rights to educate our children based on values.