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Earlier this year in April, the state of Alabama passed the most pro-life bill seen in decades. It was set to impose a near total ban on abortions, and made it a felony for doctors to curb the law by performing abortions. On Tuesday, liberal U.S. district judge Myron Thompson issued a ruling, blocking the law from taking effect.


The law was set to take effect November 15th, just weeks away. In his ruling, Thompson said, “The court is persuaded that the plaintiffs are likely to succeed in showing that the Act violates an individual’s constitutional right to obtain a pre-viability abortion, and thus that it violates her constitutional rights.”


Judge Thompson was appointed to his seat in September of 1980 by President Jimmy Carter, who was walking out the door of his short presidency. 39 years later, Thompson is still siding with the left wing positions that are anti-life. It shows the importance of winning presidential elections, as judicial picks like judges serve life-terms.


Thompson’s ruling never considered the constitutional rights of all those humans who were in the womb but were killed because they weren’t wanted. The unborn have no voice, and can’t represent themselves. That’s why it’s on Americans with values to advocate on their behalf and to elect officials who will appoint conservative judges.


The Alabama law was weeks away from saving an uncounted number of lives. The pro-abortion movement should be ashamed of themselves for fighting endlessly to let unborn babies be killed. Despite vocal opposition from celebrities, the media, and the elites, the pro-life movement is far from silent.


The disappointing decision by district judge Myron Thompson will not stop those who fight for the unborn. In fact, the decision emphasizes the need for pro-life voices in government. If you are unapologetically pro-life, sign our petition today and donate to Americans United for Values to show the left how powerful the pro-life movement is!